Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb with Red Dot Sight

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This extremely powerful Jaguar crossbow with red dot sight provides a welcomed increase in accuracy making it ideal for hunting. With a 175lb draw weight and a 280FPS velocity there's plenty of power for even the most experienced hunter and the compression molded firbreglass chassis and limb design means it's lightweight enough to reduce human fatigue.

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Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb- with Red Dot Sight

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  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb right view
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb fully assembled
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow lower
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb solid stock
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb main body
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb front grip
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb quiver rail mount
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb quiver rail
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb trigger assembly
  • Jaguar Black Recurve Crossbow 175lb red dot sight

Additional Information

Brand Armex
Draw Weight 175lb
Velocity 280FPS
Limb Compression moulded Fiberglass with black finish
Barrel Compression moulded Fiberglass with black finish
Bolts 4 x Armex Trueflight Aluminium Bolts
String Yes
Safety Goggles Yes
Colour Black

Product Description

A true hunting crossbow that delivers accuracy and performance

This superb Jaguar recurve hunting crossbow comes complete with red dot sight, 6 arrow bow quiver, padded shoulder strap, safety glasses and 4 crossbow bolts. Please be aware that this is an extremely powerful crossbow with a 175lb draw weight. This Jaguar crossbow is an excellent quality crossbow for an entry level price. This is our latest Jaguar crossbow model and we think it's the most exciting crossbow in our range. The crossbow consists of a sturdy die cast aluminum body and is incredibly comfortable to hold. The 175lb of power means it fires at up to 280 feet per second with an impressive accuracy of up to 85 yards making it great value for money. This is bundled in some extras goodies to create a fantastic kit to get you started.

Red Dot Sight for improved accuracy
A red dot sight is a non-magnifying reflector sight that provides an aimpoint in the form of a red dot. This Armex sight uses a red light-emitting diode (LED) at the focus of collimating optics which generates an illuminated dot that stays in alignment with the crossbow.

Trueflight Alloy recurve crossbow bolts
Both strong and lightweight these 17" Armex Trueflight bolts have an aluminium shaft and are fitted with plastic fletchings and field piles that are designed to deliver a hard strike with high accuracy.

Super Powerful 175lb draw weight, High spec red dot sight, 4 x 16" aluminium bolts, 6 Bolt quiver, Weaver rail, High quality black padded sling, Safety goggles, Rail lubricant stick, Instruction Manual

Draw Weight : 175 lbs, Limb : Compression Moulded Fibreglass, Barrel : Compression Molded Fiberglass, Stock : Plastic, Velocity : 280 Feet/Second

How to use a crossbow
Crossbows are powerful weapons that have been used for centuries. Using a crossbow is considered simpler than using a bow since the crossbow mechanism allows the weapon to be aimed much like a rifle. Learning to use a crossbow does require simple preparation whilst observing safety precautions.

General guidelines
To start using the crossbow, first draw the string up until it is locked in to the firing position. Larger crossbows use a cocking rope or a cocking mechanism since the string requires a great deal of force to pull back. A pistol-style one handed crossbow can be cocked more easily as some models have cocking levers integrated within the design.

Once the crossbow has been cocked, check the locking mechanism to be certain the string is secure. Remember, a cocked crossbow has a great deal of force, even unloaded. Crossbows do not use arrows; they use bolts and each bolt must be seated properly for safety and to fly true.

Although a crossbow can shoot a bolt over 100 yards it is more common for shots to be taken within a distance of 20 yards. Aiming a crossbow is the same as sighting techniques used to aim a rifle whilst compensating for wind, distance and general conditions.

Try not to pull on the trigger harshly; simply squeeze the trigger gently whilst maintaining a steady breathing rythem, this may take some time to perform correctly. The bolt leaves the crossbow at incredible speeds and with great force, so be certain of the shot before taking it and try to avoid areas where the bolt maybe lost.

We recommend using a straight tip bolt for target practice and pointed tips for hunting, bolts with extreme hunting tips may penetrate the target too deeply.

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